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WELCOME - on this website you can find informations about my turning strong carabines. We had in our family a dog rottweiller and I cannot find any suitable strong and turning carabine. So I decided to produce it myself. The production of the first carabine takes me more than 20 days. I showed it to my friends and because everybody liked it, I had to produce another and another pieces. The first carabines were tested on the crane, tested in the winter in the snow and in the temperature below minus 10 Celsius. As you see from the photos the carabines are made from the best massive materials only (steel, steel/brass, steel/duralalumin), hand finished, hand completed, steel parts heated in red before the final finishing etc... Each carabine needs more than 120 operation steps before is ready and the production of each carabine takes more than 12 hours of intensive work. The distances between the main moving parts are approximately 0,03 - 0,07 milimetres only. Because all users of my carabines were satisfied I decided to protect my product by law as registered industrial product. The life of all steel carabine is practically unlimited and I can give all the life guarantee. See photos and if you have any questions contact me by e-mail (jaroslavkrejca@volny.cz). The users of my carabines are not only the private persons and dog-keeping companies, but also police and security services. The carabines can be usefull also for another purposes - for example Renault uses it as turning carabine for the flying advertising baloons.

Carabine K1-20 steel - photo of the first carabine with our Rottweiller

The carabine is made from 6 parts. All types are made from the massive material only (steel, steel/brass, steel/duralalumin)

Testing of the carabine K1-20 all steel on the industrial crane with digital weight display

I tried to damage the carabine on the industrial crane with digital display. You can see the carabine between the crane hook (top) and the package of profile steel of weight 3000KGS (bottom). By the testing were used the standard parts inclusive standard rings only. The power of the crane was increased step by step (as seen on the photo). The last photo was made by the power of 809 KGS, by the power about 900KGS was damaged the hook of the carabine (second photo). All other parts was not damaged, only the rings were a little elipsed (not round).

Never ice-bound, no ice and snow inside

The testing was in the winter during my mountains holiday. All steel carabine K1-20 with the room temperature 24 Celsius was put into snow - outside temperature minus 10 Celsius for the whole night. No ice-bound, no ice or snow inside. I used it also as towing strap.

Some photos from the production process

The distances between the hook and the main body are approximately 0,02-0,07 milimetres only. On the second photo you can see the duralalumin carabine with steel hook (left) and the all steel carabine (right). The steel parts are here before the final coating, so the steel is not dark like by ready carabines with the final coating. By the duralalumin carabine stays the duralalumin certainly silver, but the central hook will be after the final coating black. The final colour of this carabine you can see on the last photo by the final cleaning in the solution in the pot.

Cuttering of the hook

Heating of the hooks

Steel rings

The steel rings are hand made from 6mm steel and welded. 1000KGS no problem for them, they will be elipsed but not damaged.

Photo - final cleaning and parts from massive brass


The contact e-mail adress is on this photo for the reason of big volume of automatic searching machines spam e-mails.